The Ambriel Series reads as a young adult.

Amber has always known she was different. From an early age, she could hear the thoughts of those around her. Her mother was killed when she was four, and she never knew her father, so there was nobody around to explain why she was different or teach her how to control it.

As she nears her 18th birthday, her powers start to grow by leaps and bounds. When she takes a trip into the big city with her best friend, Becky, she sees demon creatures and great warriors fighting with swords. Not only can she see them, but they can see her! One in particular, the warrior with turquoise eyes, makes her heart beat rapidly and long for things she thought she could never have. More confused than ever, she starts her search for answers.

Mikal, leader of the Cusaleon realm, fears they are losing the war with the Santiarns. The Santiarns are targeting a human female---a female he feels drawn to--- and it’s up to him to figure out why. After seeking the elder’s council, he learns that a human will determine the outcome of the war. Could she be the one?

It’s against Cusaleon law to interact with humans. Punishment is swift. Things become even more difficult when Mikal learns that the last leader killed this female’s mother and severely punished her father--- who happens to be Cusaleon. 


I stood frozen in an unfamiliar alley surrounded by darkness as I watched swords clash together with the strength of ten men. Sparks flew and a thunderous noise had me covering my ears and hiding my face. I could feel my body shaking, worried for the dark-haired man as his muscles bulged with every swing. Evenly matched. As I tore my eyes from the swords, and the man that wielded it, I looked at his opponent and gasped with fear. Its eyes shot to mine and I saw his hate-filled red ones staring back at me. I couldn’t help but take a step backward. With his eyes on me, the dark-haired Greek god swung his sword true, taking the creature to its knees. When he delivered the final blow, his turquoise eyes turned on me, almost glowing. My heart stuttered before setting a rapid pace. The only thought that entered my mind; RUN!

Drenched in sweat, I sat straight up in bed. What the hell was that? Never had my dreams seemed so real. I felt as if I was actually there. I had a bad feeling.

Ambriel’s Quest Book 2 picks up where Ambriel ends. It is strongly suggested that you read Ambriel (Book 1) first.

Ambriel is trying to make a home for herself in the Cusasleon realm. She’s found her mate, along with family she had long thought dead, a place to call home. Everything is going well until Ornias comes to her in dream and kills Sarah. If she doesn’t leave the Cusasleon realm, he threatens to make her dream a reality, and then kill everyone she knows in the small town of Sanstone.

Mikal is hunting in the Human realm and Ambriel worries about what to do. Not wanting Sarah or her friends to meet certain death, she calls on her power of premonition and decides to quickly warn Sarah to leave town. Everything is going according to plan until Ornias shows up and drags her against her will to the Santiarn realm. She made a huge mistake!

Mikal has lost his mate, and it’s all his fault! He has no idea how to get Ambriel back from the Santiarn realm. It doesn’t help when the Elder Risya informs him that she only revealed part of the prophecy before, and all is as it should be. Ambriel is on a quest to find a key that will win the war. It’s a dangerous path that only Ambriel can take, for the key will only reveal itself to her.