The Tureis attacked Earth, killing most people in their first attacks. Sydney found a way to survive, carefully avoiding anything alien. When she found an injured Azziarin lying in a dark alley, she went against her every instinct and rescued him. After nursing him back to health, the Azziarin’s stormed her hideout, injuring her in the process.

Unable to let the injured female remain lying on the ground, Takkeo ordered that she be brought back to their ship. She had helped him and he couldn’t leave her injured. How was he supposed to know that his older brother and Commander of the ship would experience the mating fever with her presence?

Jakke had three consorts back home. Cassia had always thought that she would be his mate. He tried to avoid the earth female that brought forth his mating fever, but he ended up mated to her anyways. Now he had to explain things to her, his consorts, and his father, King Mallik. Could they all live together in unison? He sure hoped so.

Krista and her brother, Alan, escaped to their remote cabin in Tennessee when the Tureis attacked. After months had passed, Krista talked Alan into driving into town. Big mistake! Cars lay abandoned, buildings burned, it was a terrible sight to behold. Just as they tried to turn around and head for home, the Tureis attacked them, killing Alan and kidnapping Krista. What had she done?

Kollin, Commander of the Conqueror, headed for Azziar. After exiting the wormhole, his own males attacked, handing him over to the Tureis. He fumed as he planned his escape, but then one of the Tureis, Loader, changed his plans. The Tureis had started a breeding program, and some female he’d never met now smelled like his mate.

Follow Kollin and Krista as they navigate an impossible situation with the help of a Siccia Princess. 

A military male at heart, Zekke wants no part of having a mate. Mates make one weak, vulnerable; he would rather be on his warship, fighting the enemy. When King Mallik orders that Earth be protected, Zekke doesn’t hesitate. He was born to command a fleet of ships; it’s what he lives for. But what he finds on Earth is the very thing he’s trying to avoid.

Ava Thompson, a sergeant with the United States Army, barely escapes the initial attacks that destroy most of the military. A few like her have survived, and now she is second in command of the ragtag group of six who try to protect the city each night from the Tureis. Every night is the same guerrilla warfare for her—until she comes face to face with a white-haired alien, and her world is turned upside down… again.



My life was less than perfect. I had a father who abandoned me, a mother who never wanted me, and a best friend who saved my life. I would do anything for her. And I did. When aliens captured her, I tried to rescue her. It didn’t work—I was abandoned again, this time on an alien planet. I couldn’t talk to anyone, couldn’t show my face. With nowhere to go, I gave up. At least until I came face to face with another human. 


King Mallik ordered me, as commander of the Victory, to investigate rumors of a black market. More specifically, human females sold on the black market.
We rescued a violent, foul-mouthed female from auction.
She keeps yelling something, “Mandy!”
Nikkul, my second in command, is missing.
Someone has triggered my mating fever, and I’m losing my mind.
I need to claim my mate. But she is damaged.

The Tureis have attacked Earth, destroying all major cities while killing millions in the process. The buildings lie in shambles while they rape Earth of it natural resources. Humans are used as slaves, while the women are sold off planet in a black market.

Chloe, only daughter of an ex-Navy seal, has gotten tired of hiding. She’s decided to take matters into her own hands and has been fighting back. After taking one too many chances, she’s hit from behind while taking on a couple of Tureis and thrown into a cell on board their ship.

Dazz, Commander of the Defender, is on his way to the Dreama Sector to help his brother, Jakke. Their younger brother, Takkeo, is missing and Dazz will do anything to get him back.

When a Tureis ship exits a wormhole, the Defender fires, disabling the enemy ship. Searching the vessel, he finds an unknown species chained to the floor. Little does he know that the mating fever has started!

To be together, Dazz and Chloe have many obstacles to overcome!

Catch up on your favorite couples as the females prepare for their first Azziarin Christmas. Find out what happened to Mara as she tells her story and comes to realize that she will in fact be spending this Christmas with family—her new family.

She can’t believe she is now mated to Risshi. He’s kind and patient, and she’s the luckiest girl alive to have him as her mate. But her life hasn’t always been this great—in fact, this is the first time she has really lived. Her last six weeks on Earth were her worst ever, and even as she tries to forget the horrible events and the mistakes she made, she would do it all over again to be mated to Risshi. Now she just hopes he can accept her human baby. Azziarins are not accustomed to raising other males' young; it just doesn’t happen here. It can’t. 

How could I have been so stupid? Risshi was slow to react, and now his life was in danger. He was finally happy. The guilt he had carried after his mother died had been replaced with a happy life and a loving mate. They helped each other through their guilt and anguish, and now it was all slipping away from him. As the blood dripped from his body, so did his strength, until blackness consumed him.


On war-torn Earth, I’m stuck raising my four sisters. It’s okay, I love them dearly. But there are days I long to be free. I always look straight ahead, never up at the stars. Earth holds so many wondrous sights. I want to see them all. But I can’t. Not only have aliens invaded, but my mother died of cancer, leaving me alone to raise my three-year-old twin sisters, along with ten-year-old Cassidy. Belle is sixteen and can take care of herself mostly. I never dreamed at the age of twenty-two I would become a mother of four.

One day while I was hunting for food, a shuttlecraft spiraled out of control. The smoke, the carnage…there’s no way anyone could have survived, but I searched anyway. Everyone lay dead, or so I thought. A gasp, a noise, and then I saw the rise and fall of his chest. I had to help. I can’t explain why, but I had to.


The computer blares a warning, and I curse the fates. A down-and-back trip to see Earth shouldn’t be too much to ask. I know I’m second in command, and they need me on the Victory, but it’s just a quick trip. What could happen? I smirk as the computer blares its warning. Now I will never have a family, give my mother young. She will be all alone. Of all the ways I could die, I never thought it would be in a fauk’n shuttlecraft accident.

My eyes pop open, and I can’t remember anything. What happened? Who am I? What am I? Why do these two younglings call me Kiddy and try to look at my teeth? I know I’m different. I don’t belong here. When I see myself in the looking glass, it confirms my belief.

When the Tureis kidnap Riley, all my memories come rushing back. The memories, the pain, it’s staggering, and I’m unable to help her, protect her as I should. With her gone, I must take care of her sisters and get Riley back at all costs. Her sisters need her. I need her!