You asked for it, you got it! Takkeo is coming soon!  Our fun loving teenager grew up and now he has Parker in his sights even though he's taking the mating fever suppressor injection. 


Remember me? I was the foolish teenager who decided to leave Jakke’s ship and deliver a medical kit to the soldiers on Earth. I only wanted to help. I never expected to get chased by the Tureis and break my leg. A Human, Sydney, rescued me. She kept me safe and semi-fed until I was rescued by my own people. She was hurt in the process and I demanded she be brought back to the ship and be healed. I never expected her to be Jakke’s true mate.

And now, years later, Humans are a part of our culture. We have a human camp set up near the ocean, letting them get used to being on a different planet.

I never expected that my encounter with Sydney would change our culture, but it did.

Thankfully, Rikker developed a stronger serum that almost completely suppressed the mating fever. I did not want a mate, at least not now. I had to prove myself to the family before I could think about taking a mate.

And then I met Parker and it flared my anger. How could a male ignite my protective instincts?



Parker is my last name and I never saw a problem with it. Until now. How was I supposed to know that everyone would assume I was a boy? A teenage boy at that. Yes, I cut my hair off. It wasn’t like there were loads of beauty shops open when the Tureis invaded Earth. And with all of mom’s men, okay, I’ll admit she might have been a prostitute, I dressed in ugly baggy clothes after the first creepy guy gave me the once over.

After I was rescued, and I use that word loosely, I never expected to be put with the guys. Every night, I watched them undress and climb into bed while I sleep fully clothed.

Dillion, my best friend thinks I’m a 14-year-old boy and I can’t figure out how to tell him that I’m a twenty-three-year-old woman.

When I met Takkeo, he took my breath away. And then he spoke—hissed really—and it pissed me off. So now, all I admire him from afar.

Things went from bad to uncomfortable when I was attacked—and then rescued by Takkeo where he found out I was not a boy, but a woman who hid my body. Now I have to deal with the aftermath of my silence. Somehow, I have to tamp down my desire for Takkeo and hopefully not lose my best friend, Dillion, in the process.

Everything just got complicated.