During her captivity on a Turei ship, Alan is her only companion, another human in the midst of the unknown. He is her friend, her comforter until they are rescued by a Curazin vessel. Alan follows Toran, the ship’s captain, to Azziar to look for his own sister, while Catalina is sent to the untamed planet of Curaz.

This is not her world.

These are not her rules.

Forced to live a certain way, Catalina rebels, deciding to live her life topside, where the air is clean, and the sun kisses her skin. 

And then she meets him…

He is her knight in shining armor until someone knocks her unconscious and dumps her in the Northern Clan territory. 

She thought it was bad before, but nothing can compare with this.


Theon, leader on the topside, spends his time training on the fields or patrolling the boundary. The females are few, and none of them can hold his attention for long. Until a chance encounter with her…
Catalina piques his curiosity, and when he meets her, he finds the delicate female witty and sharp-tongued. The two are inseparable until Theon has to leave for patrol. When he returns, she’s gone.

A standalone book full of love, action, betrayal, and friendship. 50,000+ words. An HEA with adult situations. Intended for mature readers, 18+. Keep an open mind. This is not Earth, and our rules don’t apply. This is the untamed world of Curaz…