Book 2.5

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Book One


I spent my entire life training to be the Chief Pilot on the first deep space mission, but nothing could prepare me for what was to come. Hurtling through a black hole in my evac pod, landing on a hostile planet and needing to find a way home, making new friends, and eating the same god-awful soup every meal just to stay alive. I had to start over, learn everything from scratch. At least I have my Neuro-ocular Implant to help.
With two borrowed coins, I headed to the fight club. I didn’t know who to bet on, but when I spotted him, I wanted him to win. And then he started talking to me inside my head, telling me to free him and he’d take me home. His voice oozed sex but sounded like the promise of death. It both scared and excited me. Could I trust him? Could I refuse his offer to take me home?


When I find the traitor, he’s dead! After being drugged only to wake up a prisoner of the Humchins, a lawless species who runs fight clubs and pleasure ships, I had to escape. 
I cast my senses wide, hoping to find a Compatible, even though it was extremely rare. And there she was. Another female from my planet. I struck hard, formed the mental pathways, and demanded she free me. She ignored my order. When she finally talked to me, the more I suspected she was not from Ulaya and I had bonded with an unknown species…sight unseen. 

Book Two

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I always knew that aliens were a possibility, but to discover an entire galaxy filled with beings my imagination had trouble believing?  Talk about starting over!

After the failed mission, I awoke to find myself on a different planet; some savage alien with yellow skin and brown claws was dragging me away by my ankle. I couldn’t ask questions, couldn’t talk with anyone.  Experimented on, then tossed into a cell with others—with aliens—the smell nearly drove me insane.  There had to be a way to escape the daily onslaught of torture.  

Expanding my mind, I concentrated, begging anyone who might hear my cry for help.  Of course, I knew help would never come, but I had to try something—anything—to escape the clutches of these beast-like captors. Imagine my surprise when someone—a masculine voice—answered back.  But without certain details, such as who held me prisoner or my current location, there was no way for him to find me.  But if I could reach him, then there must be a way to communicate with others.  Right?

When they herded us out like cattle, I made a mad dash, found a hiding spot and decided to stay put.  I had the illusion of safety.  But he kept demanding to know my location.  Fat chance! I’d just escaped one captor, I wasn’t stupid enough to tangle with another.  But then he talked about the space mission, more specifically, Exploration One.  His knowledge of Humans made me trust him a little.  I needed help, so I reluctantly took a chance. 

But after giving him my trust and finally feeling like I belonged, he denied me!  He denied me!




After watching Zorvak with his bond mate, my mind kept straying to thoughts of a true Compatible for myself.  I had never considered it until now. 

A feminine voice reached out, startling me as she begged for help.  Without knowing who held her prisoner, I could not offer any assistance.  Yet her voice took up residence and haunted my thoughts.

While stocking supplies, a commotion broke out, an ear-piercing scream stopping me in my tracks and icy blue eyes locking with mine.  Expanding my mind, I discovered she was a true Compatible and like an impulsive youngling, I bonded with someone I had never even met 

How do I gain her trust, get her to show herself and explain that I accidentally bonded with her?  


HEA with no cheating!

**Mild Language**Graphic Scenes**Intended for Adults Only**